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Ponderosa | Rugged Leather Belt

Ponderosa | Rugged Leather Belt

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If you're looking for a rugged belt with a lot of character, then the Ponderosa Rugged Leather Belt is for you. 

Unlike department store belts, the Ponderosa belt is a single, solid piece of leather that won't stretch, sag or split over time. Made from twelve-ounce, full grain harness leather, this belt will comes right out of the gate with loads of character and will offer years of durability and enjoyment.

The Ponderosa comes with an antique brass buckle, but also features brass screws to easily swap in your favorite buckle.


  • 1.5" wide x any length (up to 60")
  • Finished, dyed edges
  • 7 loop holes, spaced one inch apart
  • Proudly handmade in Northern California

IMPORTANT: For best fit, take your comfortable jeans size and add 2" to calculate the correct belt size (example - if your comfortable jeans size is 36", you would order a belt from us that is sized at 38". For reference, we measure our belts from the buckle end of the leather to the fourth/middle hole, allowing an equal number of holes to increase or decrease the fit.


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